2564 Luangpu Thuad Amulet – Blessed by Wat Chang Hai

Authentic Luang Pu Thuad Amulet

Luang Pu Thuat Amulet Set.
(Consecrated Wat Chang Hai)

Amulet material: Magical Sacred Herb with sacred iron ore
Year Made: 2563 (2020)

About Lp Thuad Amulet

Luang Pu Thuat is mentioned in the early regional histories of southern Thailand, but his life is mainly preserved in oral traditions. Stories of the famous monk were passed on by word of mouth for centuries. As a result, it is a mixture of Buddhist elements: early signs, alleged magic, travel, study, meditation and eventual “sainthood.”

His movements throughout the southern Thai peninsula constitute a path of pilgrimage for many of his followers.

Luang Pu Thuat has also been said to have saved countless lives of people be it the battlefield, car accidents, armed robbery or more with his sacred amulets.

Amulet is made of sacred herb mixture, powerful sacred earths,  and a special sacred iron ore believed to possess magical powers to absorb and neutralize any negative energies. It is believed to possess great magical powers to protect owners from dangers. 


This batch of Lp Thuad amulets have been consecrated at Wat Chang Hai. (Temple of origin.)

Removes bad luck
Attract Good Luck
Neutralizes any black magic 
Protection from dangers